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Artificial nails: Can they harm real nails? Know the do's and don'ts

Artificial nails: Can they harm real nails? Know the do's and don'ts

Fashion & Beauty
Fashion & Beauty

Counterfeit nails are the best and the quickest response for get long nails. They undeniably add oomph to your style decree. You can peruse boundless shapes, plots and vivacious tones. A couple of women support them on remarkable occasions while others finish them every now and again. 

Counterfeit nails are amazingly standard since they prop up a long time, they are hard to break and moderately every shading looks extraordinary on long nails. On the other hand, they can hurt the standard nails. They can cause illnesses and can be uncommonly unbalanced at first. Upkeep is fundamental to keeping your fake nails immaculate. 

Upsides and drawbacks of phony nails 


  • They will help you with getting free of affinity for gnawing nails 

  • They are hard to break 

  • If one of them breaks it has a tendency to be settled viably 

  • There are diverse decisions in size, shape and shading to peruse 


  • They can hurt your trademark nail underneath 

  • Utilization of phony nails incorporates the usage of strong engineered substances, which can make affectability a couple of women 

  • They require steady refilling, which can be expensive 

  • They are unbalanced once in a while and can cause trouble 

Keep your nails sound 

Since phony nails increase the length of your nails, soil can go into them adequately. You should clean them routinely. You can use a sensitive fiber brush to clean the dirt. Make a day by day timetable to clean your nails each day. 

Stick to one manicurist 

When you are content with your nail master, you should stick to him or her so to speak. This will empower them to know your nails and their stresses better. You should similarly guarantee that each one of the gadgets used are disinfected before the methodology to avoid tainting. 

Keep your nails dry 

In the wake of washing your hands, dry your nails properly. Leaving your hands wet can go about as a raising ground for tiny living beings to spread defilement. 

Oil your nails 

Dry nails can break easily, use assorted sorts of oils to keep them strong. Olive oil offers diverse focal points to nails. You can apply olive oil to your nails already resting. 

Apply cream reliably 

Immerse amidst the fingers to foresee dryness. Apply balm twice or thrice every day for strong hands and nails. 

Timetable steady fills 

  • Counterfeit nails require steady filling sessions. Guarantee you visit your nail master routinely. 

  • Wash your hands with unfriendly to bacterial chemical 

  • Using antibacterial chemical can cleave down the probability of a bacterial malady. Wash your hands after predictable breaks to evade improvement of illnesses. 

  • Use non-CH3)2CO nail clean remover 

  • CH3)2CO can absolutely annihilate and weaken counterfeit nails influencing them to confine from the authentic nails. 

Tips to get strong nails back in the wake of emptying acrylics nails: 

  • Endeavor to keep your nails shorter in the wake of emptying your enlargements to the degree this would be conceivable 

  • Change to standard nail clean to dodge furthermore hurt 

  • Keep your hands soaked, use olive oil to bring back sound nails 

  • Do whatever it takes not to wear acrylic nails all the time they can speak to a basic prosperity danger

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